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#Project 917

Any petrolhead will know about the legend that is the Porsche 917 whether from the racing successes to playing the staring role in Steve McQueen's 1970 movie Le Mans.
Our passion for this car is all the above but also we believe the Porsche 917 is one of the most powerfully beautiful cars ever made and we want to build one!

At the heart of Project 917 is a passionate team dedicated to building a contemporary road & track version of the iconic Porsche 917.
Project 917 will ultimately be a socially connected & crowdfunded initiative with our goal to find and nurture the potential careers of young engineering talent.  

This is how we will do this...

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Our Game Plan 


By inspiring young engineering talent to be at the heart of an exciting automotive project and surrounded by the best automotive skills in the country.

By crowdfunding this project we can include the support of an enthusiasts community with rewards but also the chance to be part of the documented process to build the 917.

The 917 will be built by young engineers under the guidance and in collaboration with the finest professional automotive skills available in the UK.
Meet Project 917 
team member

Ian Howe

Self confessed Le Mans and car nut. Thrilled to be part of this project and to work with some of the best guys in the business.

team member

Brendan O'Toole

Head's up ADV in Coventry with years experience at the forefront to UK coach building skills and passionate believer in young engineering talent.

team member

Neil Yates

Niche car supremo, heads up Javan Sportscars and Rally Prep, consultant to the very best of British car manufacturers and skills developer.

We have the coolest perks on our crowdfunding campaign

Check the video....

We want to hear from you if you are a young engineer or an established automotive support business and want to get involved with building Project 917.

Based in the UK